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About Us

The problem


Many locals and tourists just don’t know what’s happening and where the best places are in the area. They are constantly searching for things to do in St Pete Beach and Treasure Island.

  • Searching GOOGLE takes time and effort with no centralized results
  • Searching TRIPADVISOR is full of advertising and marketing
  • Searching YELP is just a national directory of businesses
  • Searching FACEBOOK GROUPS is full of unmoderated opinions

The Solution


Welcome to Thingstodoinstpetebeach.com it is what it says it is

Finally, visitors and locals are able to get up-to-date information on the things to do in the area as well as easy access to information about local events and businesses. No scammers and no sales teams or national directory brokers. Local information that is reliable and relevant. Go ahead and leave a review for your favorite business today.

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We are giving away absolutely free, professionally custom-designed space in our directory to all the local businesses involved in things people can do in our area. You can create your listing today at no cost, and if you choose to, for a small fee you can enhance your listing here (link to enhance your listing)